what to visit in tel aviv. places not to miss

What to visit in Tel Aviv: Places not to miss

Tel Aviv Meet Up is approaching and there are many activities and places to see
in Tel Aviv, the modern and cosmopolitan city, where boredom is not an option. 

Bathed by Mediterranean waters, Tel Aviv is a city totally different from the rest of the country, leaving aside the more cultural visits for leisure activities.

Sunbathing or swimming in one of its long beaches, having a drink or eating fresh seafood in the best terraces and chill outs, strolling or playing sports along the Promenade, getting lost in the small old town of Jaffa, visiting the markets and the trendiest neighborhoods, these are just some of the must-do things to do in Tel Aviv.

But don't worry, here's a list of the must-see places to visit in Tel Aviv, in addition to the ClickBid DMIEXPO Meet Up Tel Aviv.

1. Jaffa: A stroll along the Promenade will take you in half an hour to Jaffa, one of the oldest ports in the world and one of the most bewitching places in Tel Aviv.

This more than 4,000-year-old port city was not part of Tel Aviv until 1950, and although the old town is not very large, it is worth a stroll through its narrow streets to find places like Kikar Kedumin Square, where St. Peter's Church is located.
In addition to strolling leisurely through the old town, you can enjoy the sea views from the Jaffa Lighthouse, browse for a bargain at the flea market and see the Clock Tower and the Mahmoudiya Mosque.
Jaffa tel aviv puerto

2. Carmel Market: The Carmel Market or Shuk Ha'Carmel, located near the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, is the most important market in Tel Aviv.

Walking through this bustling street market, located in a network of narrow streets, is an experience in itself and for the senses. Walk through the market and let yourself be enraptured by its smells, colors, sounds and flavors.

carmel market tel aviv

3. Neve Tzedek Quarter: Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood built on the outskirts of Jaffa, is one of the most charming places to see in Tel Aviv. This bohemian neighborhood, founded in 1887, is home to art galleries, graffiti, designer cafes and trendy stores.

You can start a route through Shabazi Street, the main artery of this neighborhood and where most of the businesses are concentrated on the first floor of the European-style buildings.

Neve Tzedek tel aviv

 4. Tel Aviv BeachesOne of the best things to do in Tel Aviv, a city that boasts a Mediterranean climate where summers are warm and long, is to take a refreshing swim in one of its 14 kilometers of coastline divided into 13 beaches. Among the most famous beaches are:

    • Banana Beach: beach of fine sand and crystalline waters, located near Jaffa.
    • Mezizim Beach: quiet family beach with sun loungers to relax.
5. The White City. The White City, a World Heritage Site, is a collection of more than 4,000 Bauhaus-style buildings built since 1930 by Jewish architects of German origin who emigrated when the Nazi party came to power in Germany.

These architects adapted this style to the Mediterranean climate and the heat of Tel Aviv, building white and light-colored houses, small windows, narrow balconies and sloping roofs.

To see these buildings you can go to Rothschild Boulevard, one of the most famous and crowded streets to see in Tel Aviv.

white city tel aviv

6. Nahalat Binyamin StreetNahalat Binyamin is one of the most popular streets to visit in Tel Aviv. It is a long pedestrian street with decadent buildings and cafes where, mainly on Tuesdays and Fridays, countless artists and street stalls are concentrated as a festival of arts and crafts is held.

Nahalat Binyamin tel aviv

7. Excursions from Tel AvivA comfortable way to visit the most essential places to see in Israel, if you do not want to rent a car, is to stay in the city of Tel Aviv and take day trips.

Check here the link to see all the day trips available for travelers in Tel Aviv! 

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